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What is Coin Diversity?

Coin Diversity is a website where users can discover new coins and vote for cryptocurrencies. What makes it unique is that cryptocurrencies are ranked by our Diversity Score.

What is the Diversity Score?

While there are many websites where users can vote for coins, at Coin Diversity the number of votes is just a small part of the equation. Our unique Diversity Score takes into account not only the number of votes, but also tries to measure how diverse were the users that voted. We believe that the votes of 100 people from 100 different cities should affect the rank more than 100 votes of 1 person using proxies/VPN.

Does it mean that you do not count votes from proxies/VPN?

No, we count them. Most people use VPN for privacy reasons, not because they want to cheat on voting websites. Therefore we count votes from VPN, as long as they do not seem as sent by the same person.

How exactly is the Diversity Score calculated?

The formula is changing quite often. Once we detect new ways in which cheating is possible, we change the formula. However, the important thing is that the same formula applies to all coins listed on this website in the same way. If you want your coin to be higher on the list, make sure that real, diverse people are voting for it.


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