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Coin Diversity is a new coin listing website where you can find crypto projects with the most diverse communities. While there are many websites where you can vote for coins, at Coin Diversity the number of votes is just a small part of the equation.

At Coin Diversity we care about who the people voting for coins are (and if they are real people or just bots). That is why projects are ranked by our unique Diversity Score. A coin with 100 votes from 100 different countries will get a better score than a coin with 200 votes from a single country. We want to highlight crypto projects with the most diverse community. Help us in this goal by voting for the coins you love, like or feel excited about.

CoinWebsiteVotesDiversity Score
1SHIBA INU (SHIB)SHIBA INU favicon shibatoken.com1169 Vote!151
2Solana (SOL)Solana favicon solana.com1092 Vote!142
3Binance Coin (BNB)Binance Coin favicon Vote!141
4MoonWay (MoonWay)MoonWay favicon moonwaybsc.com1389 Vote!129
5Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin favicon bitcoin.org764 Vote!125
6TRON (TRX)TRON favicon tron.network683 Vote!120
7Ethereum (ETH)Ethereum favicon ethereum.org533 Vote!119
8Dogecoin (DOGE)Dogecoin favicon dogecoin.com601 Vote!118
9Litecoin (LTC)Litecoin favicon litecoin.org576 Vote!116
10Dash (DASH)Dash favicon dash.org423 Vote!107
11Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Bitcoin Cash favicon bch.info407 Vote!104
12Polygon (MATIC)Polygon favicon polygon.technology334 Vote!99
13DigiByte (DGB)DigiByte favicon digibyte.org327 Vote!96
14XRP (XRP)XRP favicon Vote!94
15Cardano (ADA)Cardano favicon cardano.org307 Vote!88
16Polkadot (DOT)Polkadot favicon polkadot.network255 Vote!88
17Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge)Baby Doge Coin favicon babydoge.com296 Vote!87
18Avalanche (AVAX)Avalanche favicon avax.network253 Vote!81
19Terra (LUNA)Terra favicon terra.money232 Vote!81
20PancakeSwap Token (Cake)PancakeSwap Token favicon pancakeswap.finance228 Vote!79
21Flare Token (1FLR)Flare Token favicon pipeflare.io226 Vote!73
22Cosmos (ATOM)Cosmos favicon http://cosmos.network221 Vote!73
23Chainlink (LINK)Chainlink favicon chain.link209 Vote!72
24Algorand (ALGO)Algorand favicon algorand.com183 Vote!68
25Million (MM)Million favicon milliontoken.org186 Vote!65
26Thetan Gem (THG)Thetan Gem favicon thetanarena.com176 Vote!65
27PORNROCKET (PORNROCKET)PORNROCKET favicon pornrocket.co165 Vote!65
28Baby Bitcoin (BBTC)Baby Bitcoin favicon babybitcoin.finance165 Vote!64
29CannabisCoin (CANN)CannabisCoin favicon cannabiscoin.net145 Vote!64
30CryptoMines Eternal (ETERNAL)CryptoMines Eternal favicon cryptomines.app157 Vote!62
31Meta Decentraland (MDL)Meta Decentraland favicon mdl.finance145 Vote!62
32JADE (JADE)JADE favicon jadeprotocol.io146 Vote!61
33BlackCoin (BLK)BlackCoin favicon blackcoin.org142 Vote!61
34Ontology (ONT)Ontology favicon ont.io136 Vote!59
35LA PESETA (PTA)LA PESETA favicon lapesetadigital.com146 Vote!56
36Klima DAO (KLIMA)Klima DAO favicon klimadao.finance139 Vote!56
37evergreen Token (EGT)evergreen Token favicon dev.evergreentokens.org108 Vote!50
384JNET (4JNET)4JNET favicon 4j.net105 Vote!49
39IntiCoin (INTI)IntiCoin favicon Vote!44
40eCash (XEC)eCash favicon e.cash76 Vote!41
41SMART SHIBA (SMARTSHIB)SMART SHIBA favicon smartshiba.org67 Vote!35
42HashBit (HBIT)HashBit favicon hashbit.org63 Vote!35
43Coin Cryptographic CCI2 (CCI2)Coin Cryptographic CCI2 favicon Vote!34
44Gooby (Gooby)Gooby favicon gooby.fun62 Vote!33
45FLOKI (FLOKI)FLOKI favicon floki.com57 Vote!30
46Saitama Inu (SAITAMA)Saitama Inu favicon saitamatoken.com56 Vote!29
47Baby Bali (BB)Baby Bali favicon babybalibsc.com48 Vote!25
48CHEEMSINU ($CINU)CHEEMSINU favicon cheemsinu.net42 Vote!23
49Penguin Inu (PENGUIN)Penguin Inu favicon penguininu.info36 Vote!20
50Green Chart (GREEN)Green Chart favicon greenchart.finance35 Vote!20
51Cheetah Token (CHTT)Cheetah Token favicon tokencheetah.com35 Vote!20
52Yo Token (YOT)Yo Token favicon yobit.net36 Vote!19
53Akita Crush (ACRUSH)Akita Crush favicon Akitacrush.quest35 Vote!19
54NanoMoon (NANOM)NanoMoon favicon nanomoon.net30 Vote!18
55PUSSY token (PUSSY)PUSSY token favicon pussy.financial29 Vote!17
56Nimiq (NIM)Nimiq favicon nimiq.com29 Vote!16
57Australian Shepherd Token (ASS)Australian Shepherd Token favicon assfinance.com20 Vote!13
58KUMA (KSI)KUMA favicon kumabsc.site20 Vote!12
59Crazy Rich Coin (CRC)Crazy Rich Coin favicon crazyrichcoin.io20 Vote!12
60Bitrise Token (BRISE)Bitrise Token favicon bitgert.com12 Vote!9
61Helium (HNT)Helium favicon helium.com5 Vote!4

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