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Space Token is a Binance Smart Chain token listed on Coin Diversity since 11.02.2022. The ticker symbol of Space Token is SPACE and its contract address is 0x9d9affac2175ef541642035ab66f5fe7df813851. Visit to get more information about this coin.

Space Token has received 2984 votes in total and its Diversity Score is 156. Coins that are voted for by people from greater range of different backgrounds/countries receive higher Diversity Score.

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What is Coin Diversity (

There are tens of coin listing websites where you can hunt for new crypto moonshots. Unfortunately most of them are easy to cheat by using bots/proxies to vote. Coin Diversity aims to fix that by ranking the projects differently. We rank them not by the number of votes, but instead by how unique were the people/devices that voted for the particular coin.


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