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Kaido Reborn is a Binance Smart Chain token listed on this website since 09.04.2022. The ticker symbol of Kaido Reborn is KAIDOR and its contract address is 0x61cdc7816c662caa72ac3a9130aebed234131c0c. Visit https://www.kaidor.org/ for more details on this coin.

Kaido Reborn has received 930 votes in total and its Diversity Score is 16. The higher the Diversity Score the more diverse the people that voted for it. This means that they are coming from different backgrounds, countries.

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What is Coin Diversity (coindiversity.io)?

There exist many cryptocurrency listing websites where you can hunt for new crypto gems. However most of them are easy to cheat by using bots/proxies to vote. Coin Diversity aims to fix that by ranking the projects differently. We rank them not by the number of votes, but instead by how unique were the people/devices that voted for the particular coin.


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