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Coin Diversity is a new coin listing website where you can find crypto projects with the most diverse communities. While there are many websites where you can vote for coins, at Coin Diversity the number of votes is just a small part of the equation.

At Coin Diversity we care about who the people voting for coins are (and if they are real people or just bots). That is why projects are ranked by our unique Diversity Score. A coin with 100 votes from 100 different countries will get a better score than a coin with 200 votes from a single country. We want to highlight crypto projects with the most diverse community. Help us in this goal by voting for the coins you love, like or feel excited about.

CoinWebsiteVotesDiversity Score
1TRON (TRX)TRON favicon tron.network8749 Vote!2507
2Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin favicon bitcoin.org7665 Vote!1986
3Solana (SOL)Solana favicon solana.com10007 Vote!1812
4Dogecoin (DOGE)Dogecoin favicon dogecoin.com5719 Vote!1615
5Litecoin (LTC)Litecoin favicon litecoin.org6212 Vote!1476
6Binance Coin (BNB)Binance Coin favicon Vote!1296
7SHIBA INU (SHIB)SHIBA INU favicon shibatoken.com7634 Vote!1162
8Feyorra (FEY)Feyorra favicon feyorra.com2085 Vote!1134
9Flare Token (1FLR)Flare Token favicon pipeflare.io2499 Vote!935
10DigiByte (DGB)DigiByte favicon digibyte.org3692 Vote!835
11Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Bitcoin Cash favicon bch.info3565 Vote!716
12Ethereum (ETH)Ethereum favicon ethereum.org4446 Vote!685
13Zcash (ZEC)Zcash favicon z.cash2426 Vote!652
14Dash (DASH)Dash favicon dash.org3800 Vote!637
15Fone (FONE)Fone favicon fone.dev918 Vote!374
16BitTorrent (BTT)BitTorrent favicon Vote!347
17MoonWay (MoonWay)MoonWay favicon moonwaybsc.com6257 Vote!345
18Cosmos (ATOM)Cosmos favicon http://cosmos.network1474 Vote!314
19Polygon (MATIC)Polygon favicon polygon.technology2827 Vote!313
20UMI (UMI)UMI favicon umi.top1832 Vote!300
21Vexanium (VEX)Vexanium favicon vexanium.com6862 Vote!292
22Baby Bitcoin (BBTC)Baby Bitcoin favicon babybitcoin.finance1265 Vote!288
23Cardano (ADA)Cardano favicon cardano.org2524 Vote!275
24MiniFootball (MiniFootball)MiniFootball favicon minifootballtoken.com327 Vote!273
25Polkadot (DOT)Polkadot favicon polkadot.network1905 Vote!257
26Stellar (XLM)Stellar favicon Vote!252
27XRP (XRP)XRP favicon Vote!245
28Osmosis (OSMO)Osmosis favicon osmosis.zone328 Vote!235
29Chainlink (LINK)Chainlink favicon chain.link1568 Vote!223
30SpookyToken (BOO)SpookyToken favicon spooky.fi87 Vote!199
31Pige Inu (PINU)Pige Inu favicon pigeinu.online265 Vote!196
32Avalanche (AVAX)Avalanche favicon avax.network1619 Vote!195
33JumpToken (JMPT)JumpToken favicon jumptask.io346 Vote!194
34Monero (XMR)Monero favicon getmonero.org1319 Vote!191
35Scream (SCREAM)Scream favicon scream.sh74 Vote!191
36Space Token (SPACE)Space Token favicon spacetoken.tech1504 Vote!187
37Horizen (ZEN)Horizen favicon horizen.io363 Vote!174
38Terra (LUNA)Terra favicon terra.money1530 Vote!173
39Sinbad Token (SNBD)Sinbad Token favicon sinbadtoken.com280 Vote!161
40PancakeSwap Token (Cake)PancakeSwap Token favicon pancakeswap.finance1768 Vote!158
41IntiCoin (INTI)IntiCoin favicon Vote!154
42Bitrise Token (BRISE)Bitrise Token favicon bitgert.com713 Vote!154
43Coin Cryptographic CCI2 (CCI2)Coin Cryptographic CCI2 favicon Vote!153
44XY Oracle (XYO)XY Oracle favicon xyo.network200 Vote!145
45Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge)Baby Doge Coin favicon babydoge.com2076 Vote!144
46Algorand (ALGO)Algorand favicon algorand.com1426 Vote!144
47Aave Token (AAVE)Aave Token favicon aave.com394 Vote!142
48YOOSHI (YOOSHI)YOOSHI favicon yooshi.io337 Vote!133
49Cronos (CRO)Cronos favicon cronos.org369 Vote!132
50Helium (HNT)Helium favicon helium.com845 Vote!127
51Sun Token (SUN)Sun Token favicon sun.io655 Vote!122
52FLOKI (FLOKI)FLOKI favicon floki.com979 Vote!119
53PUSSY token (PUSSY)PUSSY token favicon pussy.financial854 Vote!118
54CannabisCoin (CANN)CannabisCoin favicon cannabiscoin.net1036 Vote!116
55Gala (GALA)Gala favicon gala.games672 Vote!116
56Exyrium (EXY)Exyrium favicon exyrium.org776 Vote!114
57BFG Token (BFG)BFG Token favicon betfury.io759 Vote!114
58Nano (XNO)Nano favicon nano.org481 Vote!112
59eCash (XEC)eCash favicon e.cash943 Vote!111
60Dejave (DJV)Dejave favicon dejave.io1025 Vote!109
61ApeCoin (APE)ApeCoin favicon apecoin.com376 Vote!109
62Zero (ZER)Zero favicon zero.directory699 Vote!106
63Thetan Gem (THG)Thetan Gem favicon thetanarena.com1058 Vote!104
64BlackCoin (BLK)BlackCoin favicon blackcoin.org939 Vote!102
65Firo (FIRO)Firo favicon firo.org357 Vote!99
66CryptoMines Eternal (ETERNAL)CryptoMines Eternal favicon cryptomines.app919 Vote!98
67Million (MM)Million favicon milliontoken.org1003 Vote!97
68PORNROCKET (PORNROCKET)PORNROCKET favicon pornrocket.co960 Vote!97
69Saitama Inu (SAITAMA)Saitama Inu favicon saitamatoken.com831 Vote!97
70SMART SHIBA (SMARTSHIB)SMART SHIBA favicon smartshiba.org787 Vote!97
71Green Chart (GREEN)Green Chart favicon greenchart.finance672 Vote!97
72METAMINECRAFT (MMC)METAMINECRAFT favicon metaminecraft.fun453 Vote!97
73Nimiq (NIM)Nimiq favicon nimiq.com716 Vote!96
74MetaUFO (MetaUFO)MetaUFO favicon metaufo.me371 Vote!96
75HashBit (HBIT)HashBit favicon hashbit.org743 Vote!95
76PooCoin (POOCOIN)PooCoin favicon poocoin.app642 Vote!95
77Peony (PNY)Peony favicon peony.net613 Vote!95
78Kava (KAVA)Kava favicon kava.io554 Vote!95
79ASIX Token (ASIX)ASIX Token favicon asixtoken.com406 Vote!95
80Velas (VLX)Velas favicon velas.com392 Vote!95
81Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC)Kyber Network Crystal v2 favicon kyber.network224 Vote!95
82Unicorn Milk (UNIM)Unicorn Milk favicon cryptounicorns.fun214 Vote!95
83Dingocoin (DINGO)Dingocoin favicon dingocoin.org193 Vote!95
84BABYTRON (TRON)BABYTRON favicon babytron.network183 Vote!95
85MetaSquid (SQDS)MetaSquid favicon metasquid.world140 Vote!95
86Meta Decentraland (MDL)Meta Decentraland favicon mdl.finance937 Vote!94
87Gooby (Gooby)Gooby favicon gooby.fun728 Vote!94
88Yo Token (YOT)Yo Token favicon yobit.net710 Vote!94
89Crazy Rich Coin (CRC)Crazy Rich Coin favicon crazyrichcoin.io659 Vote!94
90WEMIX TOKEN (WEMIX)WEMIX TOKEN favicon wemixnetwork.com579 Vote!94
91HODL Games (HODL)HODL Games favicon hodl.inc325 Vote!94
92Libero Financial Freedom (LIBERO)Libero Financial Freedom favicon libero.financial235 Vote!94
93Maker (MKR)Maker favicon makerdao.com215 Vote!94
94TRUSTMECOIN (TMC)TRUSTMECOIN favicon trustmeproject.tech146 Vote!94
95MacaronSwap Token (MCRN)MacaronSwap Token favicon macaronswap.finance145 Vote!94
96DappRadar (RADAR)DappRadar favicon dappradar.com135 Vote!94
97MetaWar (MetaWar)MetaWar favicon metawar.finance345 Vote!93
98Neki (NEKI)Neki favicon neki.club52638 Vote!92
99JADE (JADE)JADE favicon jadeprotocol.io859 Vote!92
100LA PESETA (PTA)LA PESETA favicon lapesetadigital.com840 Vote!92
101Baby Bali (BB)Baby Bali favicon babybalibsc.com683 Vote!92
102Penguin Inu (PENGUIN)Penguin Inu favicon penguininu.info669 Vote!92
103Cheetah Token (CHTT)Cheetah Token favicon tokencheetah.com657 Vote!92
104Terk (Terk)Terk favicon terkehh.com552 Vote!92
105JUNO (JUNO)JUNO favicon junonetwork.io543 Vote!92
106Tokenomy (TEN)Tokenomy favicon tokenomy.com374 Vote!92
107Kaido Reborn (KAIDOR)Kaido Reborn favicon kaidor.org333 Vote!92
108FEGtoken (FEG)FEGtoken favicon fegtoken.com257 Vote!92
109Nekocoin (NEKOS)Nekocoin favicon nekobsc.com211 Vote!92
110LunaRedClassic (LRC)LunaRedClassic favicon lunaredclassic.digital207 Vote!92
111Plant vs Undead Token (PVU)Plant vs Undead Token favicon plantvsundead.com194 Vote!92
11242-coin (42)42-coin favicon 42-coin.org188 Vote!92
113Ontology (ONT)Ontology favicon ont.io837 Vote!91
114Klima DAO (KLIMA)Klima DAO favicon klimadao.finance817 Vote!91
115evergreen Token (EGT)evergreen Token favicon dev.evergreentokens.org780 Vote!91
1164JNET (4JNET)4JNET favicon 4j.net761 Vote!91
117NanoMoon (NANOM)NanoMoon favicon nanomoon.net660 Vote!91
118Australian Shepherd Token (ASS)Australian Shepherd Token favicon assfinance.com653 Vote!91
119Attack On Floki (AOF)Attack On Floki favicon attackonfloki.world586 Vote!91
120Meong Token (MEONG)Meong Token favicon meong.io558 Vote!91
121ValorToken (VALOR)ValorToken favicon Vote!91
122Farmer Inu (FarmINU)Farmer Inu favicon farminu.com399 Vote!91
123Legion Token (LGX)Legion Token favicon legionnetwork.io271 Vote!91
124META CAT VERSE ($MCV)META CAT VERSE favicon metacat-verse.com204 Vote!91
125Metal (MTL)Metal favicon metalpay.com193 Vote!91
126Onbuff Token (ONIT)Onbuff Token favicon onbuff.com192 Vote!91
127CHEEMSINU ($CINU)CHEEMSINU favicon cheemsinu.net684 Vote!90
128Immortality (IMT)Immortality favicon imt.cx194 Vote!90
129Gods Unchained (GODS)Gods Unchained favicon godsunchained.com192 Vote!90
130DoctorS Token (DST)DoctorS Token favicon drstrangefan.io150 Vote!90
131HZMCOIN (HZM)HZMCOIN favicon hzmcoin.com122 Vote!90
132The Flintstones (YABBA)The Flintstones favicon theflintstonestoken.com554 Vote!89
133RO Slayers (SLYR)RO Slayers favicon roslayers.com497 Vote!89
134Encyclopedia wTa (ENCwTa)Encyclopedia wTa favicon encyclopedia.ws199 Vote!89
135Akita Crush (ACRUSH)Akita Crush favicon Akitacrush.quest642 Vote!88
136Drc Force (DRC)Drc Force favicon dracoforce.com550 Vote!88
137Titano (TITANO)Titano favicon titano.finance516 Vote!88
138Chia (XCH)Chia favicon chia.net385 Vote!88
139Baki Eth ( (BAKIETH)Baki Eth ( favicon bakieth.co264 Vote!88
140Mind Music (MND)Mind Music favicon mindmusic.finance240 Vote!88
141Pandacoin (PND)Pandacoin favicon pandacoin.tech194 Vote!88
142KUMA (KSI)KUMA favicon kumabsc.site618 Vote!87
143AlbCoin (ALBC)AlbCoin favicon albcoin.org556 Vote!87
144SafeWolf (SW)SafeWolf favicon safewolf.io499 Vote!87
145Zoro Inu (ZORO)Zoro Inu favicon zoroinu.io339 Vote!87
146METAMUSK (METAMUSK)METAMUSK favicon muskmetaverse.io333 Vote!87
147KingSpeed Crystal (KSC)KingSpeed Crystal favicon kingspeed.io330 Vote!87
148Verus Coin (VRSC)Verus Coin favicon verus.io267 Vote!87
149Pink Piggy (PIGGY)Pink Piggy favicon pinkpiggy.org244 Vote!87
150Bficoin (BFIC)Bficoin favicon bficoin.io136 Vote!86
151AxieGrow (AxieGrow)AxieGrow favicon axiegrow.online47 Vote!67
152WATER RABBIT (WAR)WATER RABBIT favicon waterrabbittoken.com45 Vote!65
153PENNY (PENNY)PENNY favicon pennytoken.org41 Vote!62
154Drxygen (DRX)Drxygen favicon drxygen.io40 Vote!62

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